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Art builds our capacity for imagination.                                

Our capacity for imagination changes the world.

I am interested in creating work that stretches people’s ability to imagine and dream. In that space the performer and witness move toward a personal and collective liberation -- liberation from external and internal oppressions.


Let's bring people into implausible, improbable, even absurd experiences that defy expectations, breaking way to possibilities. 

A Folk Choreographer. 

Relational. Birthed from everyone and everything present in the room. All presenters and witnesses are precisely needed for the manifestation of the work at hand --  creating such grand collusion that roles are blurred and possibilities opened. 

Self-Referential. Like a self portrait. Reflecting a particular moment in time, a particular group convened -- rooting in the unique historical and cultural context in which the work is conceived, shared and explored.

Collaged. Drawing on a multitude of disciplines -- dance, ecology, film, music, yoga, paper arts, theater, farming, education, community building, writing, facilitation -- juxtaposing and intertwining them with one another to convey the quality of a subject as much, if not more than, its story. The story is non-linear, fractured, from multiple voices, from multiple perspectives, overlapping, at times conflicting. The work is cut, spliced and woven together.

Drawing on folk art traditions


Land Home

Land Home is an investigation into making home. It is a reflection on a personal journey of building home, and a proposal that perhaps we are all building home from bits and fragments and memories and connections and people and places that we gather along the way.


In the way in which our lives are a collage of experiences, Land Home is a collage of artistic forms, including dance, theater, film and live music. Land Home is an investigation of building home. I work from the assertion that home is constructed in relation to land and place and people and the heart. Land Home questions how those scraps of experience are woven together to form a nest that perhaps we accumulate over time and carry with us. This piece incorporates several artistic mediums, primarily dance, film and audience-
engaged theater, and was performed at the Theatre of Yugen in San Francisco.

Excerpts of Land Home

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