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Art builds our capacity for magic. 

I long to stretch people’s ability to imagine and dream. My desire is that we -- performer and witness -- move towards liberation. I aspire to bring people into implausible, improbable, even absurd experiences with the hope of shattering expectations and breaking through to possibilities.  

Through my art, I dream to connect people to themselves, to one another and to the earth. 

Self-understanding, reverence for life, and creativity collide and incite a fire that may free us all. 

We jump into big ideas. We commit to rigorous practice. We ground with laughter. We learn. We teach. We grow.

We build a better world through training and practice. We build a thriving world through commitment to ourselves, to each other and to earth. 

Big heart.

Deep Listener.




People lover. 

Bright-eyed and looking to the future.

Allow me to introduce myself. 

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