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River See Theatrical Jazz Performance Installation: A Sharon Bridgforth Production

As I continue to settle back into the U.S., this homecoming has been an ongoing experience of good family, amazing friends and extraordinary artists. What a delightful way to return home. And today I write you from Boston, where I am experiencing the magic of all of those communities. Today is the Boston premiere of River See, written, directed and conducted by Sharon Bridgforth.

This performance is the jazz that is life. Sharon masterfully invites and guides the audience through a journey of joy, grounding, laughter, loss, knowing, sorrow, and magic. River See is simultaneously rooted in historical reference and blood memory and in innovation, forward momentum and now. This piece offers a newness of the old and inspires me to appreciate the artistry in the human story.

In the midst of my current traveling I am not in the studio or spending much time directly working my artistic craft, but in being a witness to the birth and life of River See, my creativity is deeply stimulated. I am looking forward to getting back into the studio soon!

In the meantime, if you are near the Boston area, I highly suggest you come to Dorchester to experience River See. You can find out more information about Sharon and the show and tickets here.

And you can buy sliding scale tickets here.

Thursday Nov 13 7:30 PM Friday Nov 14 8:00 PM Saturday Nov 15 8:00 PM Sunday Nov 16 2:00 PM

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