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Just a week ago I completed my year of study in the Postgraduate Diploma in Community Dance at Trinity Laban. The year has been incredibly full of newness, interesting people, travel, creation, movement, critical thinking and surprises. And it seems odd to think that it's all come to an end, but it also feels exactly right. With only a week left in Europe, I am excited about the next steps in my journey.

And this path will next be leading me to Bahia, Brazil! I hope to do many things while I am there, including farming, hiking, beaching, and of course eating. But my first stop will be a 2-week dance intensive in Salvador, training in Silvestre Technique. According to their website, the Silvestre Technique is a continuously evolving contemporary dance technique with the objective of conditioning the body, mind, and spirit for dance. Founded by Rosangela Silvestre, the technique combines western contemporary dance with Brazilian Orixa (diety) dance training and takes inspiration from natural elements, including earth, water, air and fire.

Find out more about the training I'll be participating by checking out their website at: Have a look at this video to see some of the training first hand!

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