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And What If I Ran? -- an excerpted draft of my latest choreographic work

Since October I have been working with three fantastic dancers and fellow Trinity Laban students in the choreography component of my coursework -- Sophie Douglas, Amelia Mauderli and Eko Tanaka. It has been a gift to work with each of them, and with their inspiration and creativity And What If I Ran? was birthed! The creative process with my collaborators began as an exploration of the concept of 'relocation'. I was stimulated by our national diversity -- having arrived in London from northern England, Switzerland, Japan and America -- and our shared experience in the distance from home. Irrespective of the greatness of the distance we had traveled, we all felt connected to the sense of relocation. Taking inspiration from the movement we intitially generated, the piece grew to be about running. An investigation into running became an exploration of repetition, evolution, the mundaneness of cycles, the desire to break from routine and the relationships formed under such circumstances.

I am happy to announce that And What If I Ran? was selected as one of eight of the fifty or so One Year Program students to be further developed and remounted on the Bonnie Bird Theatre at Laban on July 2. I am greatly looking forward to my continued work with Sophie, Amelia and Eko!

Here is a clip of the current draft of And What If I Ran?

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