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Video Submission for Sharon Bridgforth's River See Story Bank Gathering

Sharon Bridgforth recently invited artists to contribute to the River Bank of Stories, as a part of her current and continually growing work -- River See. Sharon asked participants to give a 2 minute response to the following prompts:

I Am I Dream I Love I Offer

The response offerings could be made in the form of words, song, gestures, silence, chants, visual images etc. Participants were asked to be brave and vulnerable, and to respond from a place of passion and Joy.

Deeply inspired by these words, and drawing inspiration from the international community that I'm living in, this was my response to Sharon Bridgforth's call.


This submission, in addition to the other many great offerings will soon be posted on Sharons' NEW forth coming River See website. In the meantime, you can find more info go to

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