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Arquitetura do Movimento performs at The Holland Dance Festival in The Hague

I recently had the pleasure of attending a performance and workshop by Arquitetura do Movimento in The Hague, as a part of the Holland Dance Festival.

Arquitetura do Movimento works with improvisation and movement research in body, image and space. The company's research started by investigating samba, and continues to create work exploring the structures behind movement, releasing the ephemeral qualities of dance in an effort to understand more deep sense of motion.

Invited, by dancer and dance scholar, Ágatha Oliveira, I had the opportunity to experience this exploration of movement structure in an almost lecture-demonstration format, but presented in a performance context. Led by founder and director, Andrea Jabor, and featuring the extraordinary talents of Mestre Dionísio (featured in the photograph), the work offers a window into the foundational scoffolds of samba upon which the movement is constructed. Incoporating improvisation, the scaffold remains true to the nature of samba -- not rigid, but flexible evolving and alive.

Following the peformance, I participated in the company's public samba workshop, in which we got a minor glimpse into the complexity of the form. The entire experience was informative and inspiring. I hope to be able to witness more performances by Arquitetura do Movimento while I am in Brazil this summer.

Find out more about Arquitetura do Movimento at:

And watch an explanation of the work presented at the Holland Dance Festival at:

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