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What is Path Mapping?

Path Mapping™ is a tool for self-reflection, supported by accountability. This is an opportunity to name your desires, craft a vision of your life based on those desires, and plot a clear path towards that vision. 


Path Mapping™ identifies clear actions steps and markers of success that lead toward the life you most deeply want to live. It is a method to engage your dreams by celebrating your stregnths and successes, while investigating what is blocking you along your path. 



Together we will explore any areas of your life that you are interested in engaging. In this process, we may focus our attention on career choices, relationships, health, art practices, or any other number of areas of interest that may arise.


Path Mapping™ is not a therapy service. It is a way to self-reflect with a Path Mapping guide, as you cross the uncharted terrain of your dreams. Similar to pioneers of new lands, by journeying through this process with a companion, I will serve as a guide to hold the compass and look for essential resources to support you. 

Path Mapper: Melanie

"I have known Leigh since 2007, and during that time I have learned from her how to be a better listener, communicator, dreamer and doer.  My talks with her have deeply shaped who I am.  Her feedback, compassion, attentiveness and magic have influenced my family, love and professional lives.


Leigh is highly trained as an artist, educator and healer but what makes her truly exceptional as a confidant and sage is her intuition and ability to mirror.  I know no one better to work as a Path Mapping Guide, nor can I imagine trusting anyone as much with this personal and important task. " 


-- Christina 

What does Path Mapping involve?

The Path Mapping Process™ will begin with an intial 30-minute consultation! Together we will decide if Path Mapping is the best fit for your goals, and if I am the best guide to support you!

If we agree that Path Mapping™ will be a good tool for you, then we will begin to meet for about an hour, every other week. (There are other meeting options listed below, under prices). During these sessions we will:


  • ​discuss your desires and what is blocking you from them

  • create specific strategies to move towards your desire

  • construct a long term plan towards your dreams 

  • identify and cultivate support systems 

  • discover ways to celebrate your successes along the way

  • address your insecurities and fears

  • develop an appreciation for your efforts and inherent greatness

  • build towards balance

  • be honest 

To accommodate your schedule, we may hold our Path Mapping™ sessions in person or by video chat.

If Path Mapping™ sounds like it would be a support to you and your life at this time, please feel free to contact me for further details!

Path Mapper: Bei

"Having known Leigh nearly a decade, I feel incredibly fortunate to have benefited from her clear insight and wisdom. She is a generous listener and her feedback is thoughtful, compassionate and vibrant. Leigh manages to give me a sense of both groundedness and buoyancy after we connect - a wonderful place to be when tackling problems and working toward new ways of being. She has become a trusted advisor and her integrity and presence continue to enrich my life."


-- Rachel


Phone Consultation: free

This is 30 minutes

Path Mapping Series™: $500

A Series includes 1 90-minute entry session and 5 60-minute sessions.

Sessions are held every 2-4 weeks for 3-6 months.

Path Mapping Intensive™: $1000

An Intensive includes 2 weeks of open Path Mapping support (up to 2 hours per day) and 1 90-minute check-in 1 month following the Intensive.  

Path Mapping Follow Up™: $200

A Follow Up can only take place after the completion of a Path Mapping Series or Path Mapping Intensive. A Follow Up includes 3 session that can be held weekly or bi-weekly


Note: There are selected Path Mapping™ openings reserved for participants who would like to pay on a sliding scale; feel free to contact me for more information 

"Grounded, engaged, informed--just a few words to describe Leigh's work as my pathmapper! 

Having worked with her for the past few months, I can say that she is a very skilled listener and observer--she noticed patterns and truths in my life that I've either ignored, or not been able to articulate. Her professional yet warm and empathetic demeanor feels so welcoming and comfortable at all of our sessions. When we started, there was a lot of anxiety regarding housing, health, and relationships. While many of these issues are still relevant in my life--(though when are these things NOT relevant?)--I am far better off now. I've gone from a displaced renter to a home OWNER, even in the short amount of time that we've been working together.

Leigh is able to share bits and pieces of her own experiences in a helpful and non-overwhelming manner--stories to validate and relate, without being overbearing. I definitely have had my share of the professional who overshares, so I very much appreciate Leigh! 

I cannot recommend her enough. She has helped me identify what needed to be altered in my life and guided me towards the tools to move those changes along."



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