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visual design  

Where function meets beauty,  life thrives.


Together, we will craft visuals that bring your visions to life. Through digital or print media, we will create designs that reflect you, your work, and the world you want to live in.

All visual design projects are a collaboration between you and me. In addition to the practical details of your project, we will explore the inspiration and context that is driving the project. 

Let's create the website, logo, poster or pamphlet that will help you share your story and your work with the world.

Good design fosters meaningful connection.

Let's make meaningful connection through Moxie Design at THE NEST.


THE NEST is a creative studio and gathering space that I launched in 2022. Alongside a collective of dynamic designers we produce digital and print media, curate events, and host public programming that connects people to themselves, the earth and each other. 

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